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Zoe blank kit
EcoFlex 20 -- $400
Soft Blend -- $425

Sculpted by Cindy Dowling, poured by Maria Lynn Dolls


Silicone Type

Eye Color (optional)

Armatures (optional)


Zoe is a full body 10 inch miniature silicone girl doll poured all in one piece. She takes 14mm eyes. You can choose to add on eye fitting for an additional $50, otherwise she will come with the eyes uncut (see last image). Her mouth is open enough for a miniature pacifier or bottle.

Armatures are optional and can be added on. For reference, all of the pictures of the blank Zoe kit are shown in super soft without armatures. The painted prototype pictures do have armatures for extra posing abilities.

Please note this is for a BLANK doll kit that will need to be painted. Pictures of completed babies are samples only.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your kit to be poured and prepped before shipping.