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Teddie Cuddle Kit, Head Only - $350
Sculpted by Bonnie Sieben, poured by Maria Grover


Silicone Type

Eye Color (optional)

Cloth Cuddle Body (optional)

Teddie makes a 20 inch baby. He/she can be poured in EcoFlex 20 or Super Soft Blend. If Super Soft Blend is selected, the head will be extra soft and cuddly, and the neck flange will be extra firm for support. EcoFlex 20 head will be poured in EcoFlex 20 throughout, since it is both soft and yet also strong enough to support the head inside the body.

Eyes sockets can be pre-cut with German glass eyes inserted for an additional $75. If no eye color is added to the cart, the eye sockets will remain uncut for the artist to cut and set eyes. Teddie takes 20mm eyes. An all-cloth cuddle body can be added on for $35, or artist can choose to leave this off and supply their own body. The bodies I supply come from MacPherson's Arts and Crafts -- see the last 3 images. The bodies do not come pre-stuffed.

Please note this is for a BLANK doll kit that will need to be painted. Pictures of completed babies are samples only.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your kit to be poured and prepped before shipping.