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Lil' Bean blank kit
EcoFlex 20 -- $99
Soft Blend -- $124

Sculpted by Yulia Shaver, poured by Maria Lynn Dolls


Silicone Type

Add-on Armatures (optional)


Lil' Bean is a full body tiny miniature silicone boy doll poured all in one piece. From head to toe he is about 3.5 inches with bent legs; with legs outstretched he is about 4 inches. His tiny mouth is open enough for a miniature pacifier or bottle. Posing armatures in the limbs are optional.

Please note this is for a BLANK doll kit that will need to be painted.

Pictures of the painted baby are meant as a SAMPLE of how he can look once painted.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your kit to be poured and prepped before shipping.